Perfume Making Course

Perfume Making Course

What is covered in the Perfume Making Course?
1. History of Perfume
2. Learn the different fragrance type
3. Learn the requirements for making perfume
4. How to prepare for making your fragrances
5. Difference between a good fragrances and a bad fragrance
6. Practical: Making your first perfume.
7. How to market your fragrances
8. Legal requirements for running your perfume business

Your perfume start up kit consists of:

• Information on how to register your perfume business, how to choose the name of your business and information on where to find perfume packaging.

• The perfume manufacturing manual with all the information to source all the raw material that you will need in the perfume manufacturing process. Information on where to purchase the bottles and what to do about labelling is also included.

• You will receive the perfume formulation manual that includes information about the different strengths of the formulations that perfumes are made with so that you will be able to make top of the range perfumes that will suit everyone’s taste and budget.

• You will receive a manual on disc that includes all the information on where to source and purchase everything you need to make the perfume.

• You will be taught how to combine and blend the different perfumes.

• You will be able to sell this perfume immediately or use it as test bottles so that people can test the smell of the perfume before buying it.

• You will be taught how to market your perfume business and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

After attending the perfume course you will need to purchase:

• Perfume blend concentrate: This means that the concentrated perfume has already been extracted and manufactured for your convenience.

• You will need Perfume dispensing bottles. (Cost according to the type of bottles that you will use).

• Concentrated perfume blends. (Cost according to the type of blends you will use).


• All of the above is possible due to the science of manufacturing perfume concentrates.

You will receive a manufacturing manual as well as a marketing manual that will provide you with the contact details on where to purchase the concentrated perfume, the MBR, the dispensing bottles and the crimping machines if you will be using it.

• Please note that there are bottles on the market for screw on bottles. This means you do not need a crimping machine. Please note that the perfume concentrate cannot be used in its pure form. Because of the concentration of the perfume blends, a  little goes a long way.

• Why sell someone else’s perfume if you can manufacture and sell it yourself? Be the CEO of your own perfume business


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  • Learn the art of Perfume Manufacturing
  • Why do people pay a lot of money to smell good?


About This Course

Centre for achievers perfume training course  is geared at people interested in starting their own perfume business. This course takes you through all disciplines required to succeed in the perfume industry. It further demystifies the art of making perfumes. This course will ensure that you are be able to make just about any fragrance.  After this course you will be confident in stepping out and making an impact in this lucrative industry. 

It is a very hands on, practical course and ensures we deal with real life scenarios that impact your potential business


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. Perfume is a status symbol. Using perfume goes hand in hand with personal care. When viewing the outrageous price tags of some of the name brand perfumes on the market today, a person may think that the making of perfume is a very expensive process. I guarantee that this is not true. Everything seems difficult and expensive if you do not own the knowledge and formulation to manufacture the perfumes.

If you buy perfumes for reselling purposes, you are missing out on a lot of money that could have been in your pocket. With the knowledge gained on the perfume training course you will own the knowledge on how to manufacture the different generic perfumes currently on the market.

You control the formulas. Why purchase perfume for reselling if you can make perfume yourself and sell it directly to the customer?

In the perfume business industry perfume is priced high because people are willing to pay to have them surrounded by a pleasant smell. Making perfumes are definitely affordable and lucrative because perfume is used by everyone who wants to be noticed and envied. Not wearing perfume is just not in! Perfume is a must for men and woman.

We have structured the perfume course so that anyone that can read and follow instructions can learn how to make perfumes in one day! Believe it because it is true! We provide the perfume generic formulations on disc for reference purposes.

You naturally also receive all the information that you need to start and run a perfume business. You will need only 1 Day of your life to do the Perfume Course and on completion you can start making your Perfume Business a reality.

This is a hands-on course. You can use the bottles of perfume that you made as testers, so that people can test the perfume. It also means that once you have completed the course, you can start your business immediately.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion.