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Project Nehemiah

Bring Christian Entrepreneurship Training to Your Church, Community, or Conference

God is the original and ultimate entrepreneur. And in order to experience a fulfilling and prosperous business career, we must become skilled at utilizing the divine characteristics of entrepreneurship. Our training program brings practical qualities of how to operate effectively with the mind of Christ in business as we utilize Holy Spirit-inspired entrepreneurial ideas to grow profitable businesses that honor God and change lives.


  • Biblical wisdom to help you grow personally and professionally
  • Powerful inspiration to motivate you to achieve your goals
  • Practical instructions to build your business
  • Project Nehemiah has been an effective entrepreneurial strategy to empower people in communities, churches around the world to break out of poverty. Our training include practical training on Skills like How to make Perfumes, how to make creams, actually you choose from our empowerment course that you will like us to bring to your church , communities or conference . We are passionate about our commitment to help Christians develop entrepreneurial minds for Christ.

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  • Is your church experiencing financial problems due to the unemployment crisis? Call us we can help.

  • We can also help you embrace the Mind of the Original Entrepreneur to Radically Transform Your Business

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