Speak to us about our skills development training and learn how to create your own income through practical skills like make up artistry, jewellery making, beauty training & more.

Who We Are

Centre for Achievers is established to address the gaps of diversity, empower youths in numerous areas of life, capacity building, youth involvement in service projects, civic engagement, philanthropy and decision-making of their communities. All Aim achievers projects reflect a commitment to investing in the lives of Youth and are driven by individual initiative, teamwork and youth-adult partnerships.


  • Bag Making Course

    0 out of 5
  • Bead Making Course

    3.50 out of 5
  • Become an Empowerment Coach (Train The Trainer)

    0 out of 5

    Participants will know how to make over different perfume brands and over different liquid soaps, cream/ body lotion and be able to train others. Our empowerment coach Train the Trainer is a complete course that teaches delegates how to pass down knowledge to adults in the most effective way. Delegates will master the skills, know how to conduct the practical of perfume making, soaps making, cream /lotion and tested methods of learning to be taught how to apply these to their training sessions. Our train the trainer course aims to teach a group of trainers the necessary skills to impart people and to teach them two based skill of perfume making and liquid soap making.

    Course description 

    life changing opportunity to learn and be able to teach how to manufacture 100% oil base perfume and Liquid soap and cream making from the industry gurus for just for Half the normal Price you will normally pay for the same course. In these sessions we open up on the secrets behind perfume manufacturing and liquid soap making. We show you step by step on how to manufacture fragrances

    What is participant will get during the training

    • Information on how to register perfume, Liquid soap and cream making business,
      how to choose the name of business and information on where to find packaging.
    • The manufacturing manual with all the information to source all the raw material
      that you will need in the manufacturing process. Information on where to purchase
      the bottles, plastics and where to print labels.
    • You will be taught on how to mix over 176 different perfumes , different Liquid
      soaps like handy andy, dish washer , pine jel etc cream and body lotions and
      measurements required per mixture
    • By the time you leave this fun class you would have already manufactured your
      own perfume , liquid soap own cream and how to train others . How to become a
      trainer and pass down the knowledge.
    • After finishing the course, you will be able to make any perfume of your choice and
      any liquid soap of your choice and lotion of your choice. All our class are minimum.
      All sessions take one day food and refreshments all provided
    • You will receive a manufacturing manual as well as a marketing manual that will
      provide you with the contact details on where to purchase the concentrated raw
    • Train the trainer guide and curriculum how to make facilitation. How to get
      certification from SETA to train
    • How to start a training business (become an empowerment coach )  How to market yourself and connecting with mentoring and connecting with audience

    Training information

    First group/first day

    Perfume making only + empowerment coach training= R3200

    Second group /day two

    Liquid soap making + empowerment coach training-R3200

    Third group/day three

    Cream/body lotion making +empowerment coach training=R3200

    Two training (combo) = R5500, the three training (masterclass) =R10,000


    30th July, 1st 2nd August 2018 ,

    8th 9th 10th August 2018,

    22nd, 23th 24th August 2018


    Tshwane College of Technology Tempo residence Cnr RIssik & Steve Biko, Sunnyside, Pretoria (free parking space)


    Send your name, phone number to info@centreforachiever.co.za . And we will email you account number, payment must be done at least two days before the training to secure your seat.

    Time 9am daily

    For more information contact Centre for Achiever call or whatapp 0746700642, info@centreforachiever.co.za .